Music can bring us to tears, speed up our heart rate, make us feel connected.

Every week we sing together, usually hymns from a book. We generally stand and sing all the verses of a hymn. Think you can’t carry a tune? When we’re all singing together, it’s amazing what we can do!

Our dedicated Senior Choir sings most weeks, giving the rest of us an opportunity to listen meditatively.

Children in the Junior Choir inspire us with their music about once a month.

Throughout the year, groups and individuals in the congregation bless us with all sorts of music, whether its the meditate music of Sounds of Peace (our hospice choir), the rousing music of The Saturdays (link?), or other parishioners sharing their gifts.

In addition to music in worship, we have special programs throughout the year. In true UCCB fashion, they all include great music, fun fellowship, and delicious snacks!

On Music Sunday, everyone is invited to bring a favorite song or two to share!

At the Folk Coffeehouse, musicians from UCCB and beyond provide rich entertainment in a coffeehouse atmosphere.

The Youth Coffeehouse, a fundraiser for the annual youth mission trip, highlights the musical talents of performers under 18 years of age.

 Coffee House

View slide show from our last Coffee House

Senior Choir

Adults who would like to sing in the Senior Choir are welcome. You do not need to know how to read music, just bring your voice and love of singing. Practices are Tuesday night from 8:00 – 9:00 PM.  Sunday morning warm-up is at 9:00 AM in the Vestry.

Junior Choir

Children in Grades 3-8 who love to sing may participate in our Junior Choir.
Practices are Tuesday night 7:00 to 7:45. Performance are twice monthly during the 9:30 Worship Service. The choir sings a variety of music which is upbeat and fun.
View a performance by members of our Junior Choir

Sounds of Peace

Sounds of Peace is an a cappella choral group from the United Church of Christ Congregational of Boxborough, Massachusetts. We are one of many outreach ministries. Our ministry focuses on bringing comfort and peace by song – to those who are ill, home-bound, or nearing the threshold between this life and the one thereafter.
A cappella means “in the style of the chapel”.  Our music is intended to be both simple and rich, quiet but with spirit, joyful and sad – most of all, heart to heart.
View the latest Sounds of Peace performance.

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Annual Music Sunday

Every year in the spring we hold a music concert featuring the musical talents of our congregation. The selections are as diverse as the the talent in our midst.