Life Events

At life’s most important moments, we connect with each other, and with God. Please be in touch with our pastor for more information about these sacred events.


Baptism is a celebration of God’s love for each of us, just as we are. The person being baptized is blessed with water and words. While we usually baptize infants, any person of any age is welcome to experience this sacred act.

Baptism is sometimes called christening, and is also similar to a baby dedication. Our pastor will happily explain all this and more!

It is our tradition to celebrate baptism within the service of worship, so that the congregation can promise to lift up and support the person being baptized. Private baptisms can be held in special circumstances.

Please contact our pastor to discuss a baptism for yourself or your child. Rev. Cindy will work with your family to create a service that celebrates our relationship with God.


When someone we love dies, we believe it is helpful and important to hold a funeral or a memorial service. These are opportunities to mourn the loss of the person who has died, and celebrate all that they gave us in their lives.

Our pastor works with individuals and families to plan services that reflect the person who has died, that will also be useful to those who are left behind. She is also glad to work with someone in advance of their death, to share their wishes.

Please contact Rev. Cindy to discuss funerals and memorial services:
Rev. Cindy Worthington-Berry. or call at (978) 263-7387.


We are delighted to work with couples who are planning a wedding, and beginning a marriage!

As an Open and Affirming congregation, we celebrate the marriages of same-gender-loving couples as well as opposite-gender-loving.

If you’d like to learn more about celebrating your wedding at UCCB, please contact the church office.

For more information, contact our pastor Rev. Cindy Worthington-Berry, or call our church office at (978) 263-7387.