Boards and Ministry Teams

We offer a variety of ministries which serve local and global communities.

Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Ministry Team is responsible for the care and management of Church property. The Team maintains the Church and Fellowship Hall buildings and grounds by performing or contracting for service/repairs as needed, leading fall and spring clean-up efforts, and undertaking various special projects. This team also oversees the day-to-day supervision of the Church custodian.  Contact person: Ron Vogel

Called to Care

The Called to Care Ministry Team is a group of people who undergo comprehensive training so that they can provide one-on-one care to those most in need in our community. People requiring support because of bereavement, health issues, care-giving responsibilities, etc., are visited one or more times, as needed. This team also arranges meals, cards, phone calls and occasionally rides for those in need.  Contact person: Duncan Brown


The Communications Ministry Team edits and publishes the monthly Vestry News (newsletter) and oversees the weekly Vestry News Flash (email announcement) to communicate with members and friends of the Congregation about current and planned activities at our Church. The Team also prepares articles for local news media to spread the good news about special events at our Church throughout the surrounding community.  Contact person: Heidi Matthew


The Deacons Ministry Team is responsible for all Church worship and membership programs. The Team oversees the spiritual life of the Congregation and provides a worship service that promotes and nurtures individual spiritual growth. The Deacons also assist the Congregation in their understanding and education of what it means to be and live as a Christian, reaching out to others in fellowship and love. Contact person: Larry Wellington


The Fellowship Ministry Team provides a warm welcome and generous hospitality for visitors and members of the Congregation by obtaining and serving refreshments at the Coffee Hour following each Sunday worship service. This team often hosts receptions for special Church events such as concerts, guest speakers, installations, and special anniversaries. The Team also sponsors several special activities each year, including a Christmas cookie swap, the sale of various types of soup on “Souper Bowl” Sunday, and a Pie Social.  Contact person: Deb Simmons


The Generosity Ministry Team conducts an annual campaign that encourages members of the Congregation to pledge a portion of their time, talents, and treasure to support our Church’s mission. The Team continues to promote generous giving all year long through periodic reporting on the many ways we have been blessed. Contact person: Rev. Cindy


The Green Ministry Team raises awareness in the Congregation of environmentally sound practices as we endeavor to reduce our consumption, use renewable resources, and recycle whenever possible.  Contact person:  Rev. Cindy

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir enables children in grades 3 through 8 to share their musical talents in Church. They rehearse every Tuesday at 7 PM and sing in worship, on average, about twice a month.  Contact person: Gloria Roe


The Missions Ministry Team encourages members of the Congregation to extend their faith and commitment outside this Church to those in need in our community, our country, and worldwide. The Committee organizes the local outreach programs of the Church, sponsors special offerings to support missions programs, and provides educational programs to bring mission work to the forefront at our Church. Contact person: Dena Caradimitropoulo


The Music Ministry Team enhances our worship services with beautiful choral music accompanied by the organ, piano, or other instruments. The Team supports a Senior Choir, a Junior Choir, an annual Music Sunday featuring the talents of members of the Congregation, and a Folk Coffeehouse which is open to performers from both our Church and the wider community.  Contact person: Steve Griffin

Open and Affirming

The Open and Affirming Ministry Team led the Congregation through the steps required for recognition as an Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ, including the adoption of an Open and Affirming Covenant. The Team continues to provide resources, educational opportunities, and speakers to affirm that all are welcome to participate fully in the life of our Church.  Contact person: Rev. Cindy

Planned Giving

The Planned Giving Ministry Team establishes and maintains guidelines for the receipt, investment, and distribution of financial gifts, bequests, and contributions that comprise the permanent funds of the Church. The objective is to preserve and grow the principal indefinitely through prudent investment strategy, while capital growth, earned income, and dividends can be used to further the Church’s mission. Contact person: Jeff Glidden

Prayerful Handworks

The Prayerful Handworks Ministry Team uses their talents for knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, and other crafts to produce hand-made items that embody the craftsperson’s thoughts and prayers for the receiver and are freely given to those who need them. In particular, this group creates Prayer Shawls, which are blessed by the Congregation and given to those in need of support and prayer.  Contact person: Anne Spalding

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir is a dedicated group of volunteers who provide vocal music in worship approximately three Sundays per month. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings at 8 PM. No musical training or previous experience is required.  Contact person: Cindy Blanchard

Sounds of Peace

The Sounds of Peace Ministry Team is an a cappella choral group that focuses on bringing comfort and peace through song to those who are ill, home-bound, or nearing the threshold between this life and the next.  Contact person: Gloria Roe

Spiritual Nurture

The Spiritual Nurture Ministry Team is responsible for helping every person in our Congregation develop a personal relationship with God and understand the importance of faith in their daily lives. The Team oversees the operation of the Nursery, Sunday School, youth mission trips, and adult education programs of the Church.  Contact person: Rev. Cindy