Like any gathering of human beings, over time we create policies to guide our life together.  These documents address very practical aspects of church life, like Personnel, Building Use and Safe Conduct.  But they are also symbolic, as they indicate our commitment to creating a whole, holy and healthy community.  Some policies are below, others are available from the church office.

By-Laws Revised, 12-18-2014

Endowment Policy, 10-20-2014

Investment Policy, 12-18-2014

Safe Conduct Policy, 19-17-2015

CORI Process, 09-17-2015

Transition of Lay Leaders, 02-11-2016

Facility Use, 08-18-2016

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund, 03-19-15

UCCB SO Policy, 10-25-2017

Preliminary Covenant, 10-25-2017

Covenant, 10-25-2017