Special Giving

Special gifts address a particular need in the church or a particular moment in the lives of parishioners. This is different than annual gifts that help fund our congregation’s annual operations and mission.

For the giver, a special gift often reflects a specific interest or life event. For the church, special gifts might enable a new aspect of ministry or care for the buildings and grounds. Examples of special gifts include:

Capital Campaign Gift: Vibrant congregations undertake significant projects to further God’s ministry, funded at least in part by parishioners’ major investments in a capital campaign. Our last capital campaign built a new sanctuary. Imagine what the next capital campaign might bring!

Wish List Donation: Ministry teams and individuals have identified specific items or improvements that would benefit UCC Boxborough’s ministry. Small or large, these items are not funded in our annual budget. Council, elected by the congregation, manages these suggestions through the Wish List. Individual or combined gifts of cash or in-kind donations make these wishes come true. Previous examples include: chimes for the choir, sanctuary floor sanding, chandeliers & sconces, upgraded efficient windows, snow blower, etc.

If you have ideas that you’d like to add to the Wish List and gain exposure and interest from others, please see the church Moderator. Call the church office, if you would like a copy of the Wish List.

Tribute Gift: Significant moments in life deserve to be celebrated. A Tribute Gift is a beautiful way to recognize a big moment in someone’s life, such as a retirement, promotion, marriage, birth, or baptism. In giving this gift, you not only celebrate the person or moment, but also the church’s role in their journey. We will consult with you on the use of a tribute gift, so that it will appropriately celebrate the person or occasion being honored.

Memorial Gift: You can give a gift to our church in memory of a loved one. Most commonly, at the time of a memorial service, families name the church as a recipient of gifts in memory of the person who has died. Our church treasures and values these gifts. We will consult with you on the use of a memorial gift, so that it will most honor the one who is remembered.

Outright Gift: Individuals who have been blessed with unexpected income, or who are celebrating a special event, may be inclined to give an extra-ordinary outright gift to UCCB out of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Contact the Pastor at any time to discuss a special gift. Tribute, Memorial and Outright Gifts can be used in a variety of manners: the Endowment Fund or for a specific purpose! If you are considering making a Special Gift, consider talking with the Pastor to discuss which gift destination is best for you.