UCCB Endowment Fund

Since its beginning, UCCB has been the beneficiary of endowed gifts, including some dedicated to flowers, education and missions. In 2015, UCCB established an Endowment Fund. This permanent fund holds all gifts made to the church from sources such as bequests, gift annuities, insurance policies, trusts or other planned gifts, as well as special gifts so designated. This general fund allows the church more flexibility to use the income where it is most needed in the future. The Church will only use the capital growth, earned income and dividends to further the Church’s mission. The Finance Team administers the Endowment Fund in alignment with our Investment Policy. To be good stewards of the lasting gifts that are entrusted to us, the church has adopted an endowment and an investment policy. By giving a gift to this Endowment Fund, your gift keeps on giving! At the annual congregational meeting, all perpetual gifts are celebrated (unless you wish to remain anonymous).