Planned Giving

As a church community, we value generosity as an important spiritual practice.

If you love UCCB’s mission and its impact on you, your family, loved ones and the greater community, you may want to consider a lasting gift. Planned giving is a generous and effective way of celebrating UCCB. Gift planning is for everyone. You might be surprised to know that gift planning is not just for wealthy people.

Planning your gifts is a way for you to celebrate your loved ones – including the church – while also taking advantage of tax, financial, and estate planning benefits. A planned gift can be made with almost anything: cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance, IRAs or real estate.

Sometimes, people think of planned gifts as giving by will, but there are many other easy and beneficial options. A “life-income” gift, such as a gift annuity, allows you to share some of your assets with the church, while generating income for you or your partner today.

The beauty of ‘planning’ these gifts, is that we can celebrate your generosity today!

Consult with your lawyer or financial advisor for guidance in determining the planned gift approach that is right for you and your family, and learn more about the tax benefits and how planned giving can be a wise investment today.

Planned giving options abound. Here are a few:
Gifts by Will
Gifts from Retirement Plans
Gifts of Life Insurance Policies
Life-Income Gifts
National UCC Planned Giving Support
UCCB Endowment Fund