We love to be together.  And we love to eat.  Eating together is paradise!

Our Fellowship Team nourishes our bodies every Sunday after worship.  They also host special events throughout the year:

Pie Social

Talented bakers in the congregation present their best pies after worship one Sunday in the fall.  Pie fans can purchase slices of pie – or take home a whole pie!

Cookie Swap

In December, the bakers are back at it.  You can bake and swap – or just buy!  We’ve heard some cookies even make it all the way home.

Souper Bowl Sunday

On Super Bowl Sunday, UCCB chefs offer chili, soup and stews for sale.  There is always something new to try!

Annual Neighborhood BBQ

We are called to reach out beyond our doors, beyond our walls.  One fun way to do so is with our annual Neighborhood BBQ.  We invite folks who live around the church, and new residents of Boxborough, for an afternoon of food and fun.  We play games, listen to music, and make sure our neighbors know we are here for them.

To learn more about these Fellowship events and others, go to our Events page.