Sunday School

The Bible Quest curriculum will be taught this year to children age 3 years through 5th grade, beginning September 9, 2007 (Rally Day) through June 8, 2008 (Family Sunday).  The children will also participate in their own Communion service on Communion Sundays, the first Sunday of each month.  The service will be ministered by Susie Allen, our Associate Pastor, and Nicolette Wellington, with the help and participation of our teens.  Periodically throughout the school year, the children will engage in music, dance, theater, and mission or “giving” oriented field trips.  These special days will be orchestrated by CE, our volunteer teacher teams and the teens of our church community.

The children will have the opportunity to participate in a Christmas pageant, mission projects, and many inter-generational church services.  Every church service features a children’s message and the children are released for Sunday School after the offering portion of the service.